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The topic of sin is one that is spread throughout much of literature, but nowhere is it more prevalent than in the works of Seventeenth-Century British authors, particularly Milton, Donne and Bunyan, as well as in the Christian apologetics composed by C.S. Lewis, and especially in the bible itself.


A Slice Of American Pie

An in-depth analysis on the American classic, The Last Picture Show.


From Novel To Film: The Last Picture Show

An analysis of the adaptation between the literary novel The Last Picture Show into a Hollywood classic.


Scholarly Review: Literature Lost

A scholarly review of John M. Ellis' Literature Lost.


Short Stories

Why I Hate The Human Race

This is a short piece written on the joys of being a waiter.


Angel Wings

The Writing On The Wall

Student Newspaper Articles

Deal With It

Students deal with stress, possibly more so than any other age group in society. Just how do they handle the pressures facing them?


It's Showtime

In need of a scary movie? Look no further than this list of recommendations.


Group Effort

Sometimes it takes a village... or at the very least, a group, to get the job done.


Hail Macbeth

A high school drama department heads to competition with a dramatic interpretation of Shakespeare's Macbeth.


Two Dimensional

Is reel tv just like real life? You be the judge.