Why I Hate The Human Race

Warning:  This story may offend you.  If it does, take heart… being a server in a restaurant is not easy.  In fact, it is anything but.  So, the next time you go out to eat, thank your server.  Thank them by being pleasant.  Thank them by not being on your cell phone the entire time they’re trying to take your order.  Thank them by not treating them as if they are your little bitch.  Thank them by leaving at least a 15% tip (unless they really do, honest to god, it’s not just you, suck… then it’s negotiable.)  Face it… all waiters don’t suck.  Many of them are wonderful, kind-hearted, loving people, that just can’t come to believe that they’ve actually learned…


How To Hate The Human Race


By C. Brandon Redding


            Obviously, someone’s never been a waiter.  That’s usually the first thought I have after an initial table approach.  It usually goes something like this.  “Hi… welcome to _____________.  (Insert name of restaurant here.)  My name is ____________ (try using your real name… it keeps from confusing yourself later down the line) and I’ll be taking care of you this _____________ (insert time of day here: afternoon, morning, etc.)  Might I start you all out with a…” 

And that’s usually where it happens.  The guest has officially become like every other table before them.  Granted, I’m not even halfway done with the spiel that I’m required to say to them upon greeting them, but they’re ready for their water, bread and impatience.  And thus, my work day has officially begun.


Facts About Waiting Tables:

            The average waiter makes $2.13 per hour on their shift.  Unless they happen to open the restaurant in the morning, in which case they make $5.15 for that first hour, and $2.13 for each hour thereafter.  Come time for a paycheck, with a work week of roughly 30 hours, a waiter will walk away with a $5 or $10 check… and that’s on a good week.  Most weeks, the check they receive will be voided out, because supposedly they made “too much” money to warrant receiving that pesky $2.13 an hour.  Too bad they still end up paying taxes on it.  I know what you’re thinking right now… they still make tips.  Which is true… but bad days do exist, and to know that you’re working for free (or the bare minimum at times) can be frustrating.